As a brand, there are few things more important than clearly defining who you are, what your mission is, and why your brand matters to the consumer. Once you’ve established these cornerstones, you’ll be able to find your tone, or as we like to call it, your “brand voice.”

We’ve seen time and time again, that the best brand voices are the ones with the most humanity. They present a message in a conversational, informative, way, and take the liberty of showing a brand’s personality along the way. Perfecting this voice is an art in itself, but one integral element needed to succeed is consistency.

The most epic of brands is nothing without consistency. Of course this is true when it comes to product, but it’s also a key element to successful marketing—especially in a day when the means of expression span far beyond traditional outlets. If a company’s brochure sounds wildly different from their social media, which sounds completely different from their website, how will a consumer get an accurate read on the company? Chances are they won’t—and they’ll move on to a more clearly articulated competitor, shrinking your bottom line. To make sure your voice is consistent, we suggest four key strategies.


Create a brand voice document to personify and clearly define your brand’s voice. Include examples of phrases that your brand would use, paired with ones you would never use. List greetings, common buzzwords to include—or avoid—and find examples of comparable brands you’d like to emulate.


A brand voice document is obviously only as good as the people who employ it.  Make sure yours is circulated from top to bottom, focusing on marketing, social media, customer service, and any consumer-facing entities.


Consistency across platforms has never been more important than it is in the age of social media. When creating daily content—from customer service Twitter replies to Facebook posts—keep close tabs on the tone and persona created. Oftentimes social media is one of the first impressions and interactions customers and other brands have with a company, and first impressions are paramount.


Remember that every outlet is an opportunity to express your brand voice. Whether that’s your brand’s pens, website, brochure, uniform or logo, your point of view should be clear and consistent across the board. For more information on how Capture has successfully defined and executed brand visions through collateral and beyond, check out our case studies here